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Bumbles Voted One Of Surfers Paradise's Best

Bumbles Voted In Top 6 Surfers Paradise’s Best Breakfasts

Bumbles Cafe has been voted as one of Surfers Paradise’s 6 Best Breakfasts by Metropolist. In the list of Breakfast Gems Metropol provide a hand picked list of 6 of Surfers Paradise’s best breakfasts.

The article states:

‘You know from the name this place is going to be straight-up adorable, and it totally is. The charming house-turned-café is honestly so gorgeous you will audibly gasp when you first walk in, the same way you would if you saw Beyonce in real life. You will see this place and get upset because a refurbished house is prettier than you— no exaggerations. But despite its obvious beauty, Bumbles is homely and warm, serving up a menu that makes the simplest thing unbelievably tasty Or, if you’re feeling daring, you can have what we at Metropolist call a backwards day, where you eat dessert for breakfast and work your way back until you’re having breakfast for dessert. In this case, chocolate cheesecake for brekkie is a safe bet.’ 

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