19 River Drive, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217

07 5538 6668

Open everyday 7am - 4pm. Thurs til 10pm

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Originally, bumbles was a convenience store. Once that store closed down, Kate jumped at the opportunity to take hold of the site – which she felt had huge potential. The history of the name ‘bumbles’ is often asked by customers. Let’s just say that the story involves: Kate’s love of doodling, a couple of internet searches and a li’l white wine!

Bumbles café was established in January 2000 by Kate Madison. Kate started her first coffee shop in 1988 (café mocha) which was positioned in Raptis Plaza when she was only 25 years young. She transformed what used to be a cleaner’s closet under a flight of stairs, into a thriving café pioneering the café scene on the Gold Coast. People would flock there as they could indulge in delicious cakes and coffee. Some cakes are still the same recipes as the ones used in bumbles.

After the huge success of café mocha, Kate sold, had a break, and got back into the swing of the culinary scene when she started: ‘Madisons at the Oasis’. Not long after opening, Madisons become a hot spot and put another café on the map of the Gold Coast café scene. Whilst running Madisons she also started ’3 beans espresso bar’. 3 beans was the only café on surf parade back when she established it and she built it up to be yet another café must for locals.

After selling Madisons and 3 beans, and after a year away from the Gold Coast she returned ready to embrace the beach lifestyle she so sorely missed. Soon after returning, she secured the site that bumbles is on and put her hand to another huge success. Whilst running bumbles Kate opened ‘marmalade’ at the Chevron Renaissance. After a few years of running both cafes, Kate had a son, sold marmalade, and kept bumbles.

Today, you will see Kate daily in bumbles sipping short blacks, meeting clients, catching up with her beloved customers (her infectious laugh helps one to pinpoint her exact location), or driving to a function in her car that is plastered with bumble bees…